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Going for regular checkups is important as it allows one’s gums and teeth to be in a healthy condition.  It is recommended that people go to dentist is every 6 months because one can find out if they have a problem and fix it fast. However it is usually hard to spot a good practitioner in one’s area sometimes. Sometimes A spotter like google can help find a person a dental practitioner faster. Usually the best ones show up. If a dental practitioner finds something unusual during a checkup one might have to go to a specialist in order to fix whatever was found. This can consist of cancer  and a dental surgeon will have to handle.

Usually a checkup will consist of checking for plaque, tarter, gums, tongue, and any problems in the throat. Plaque and tarter go together and if they are left long enough on one’s teeth without a cleanup, it can cause oral diseases which no one wants. The dental practitioner should also check one’s gums and see if they are healthy or not. The dental practitioner should also be checking one’s head to see if they have any signs of cancer or not because that should be included in a checkup. If the dental practitioner does not check you for any signs of cancer then politely ask your doctor if they can check you. Also the dental practitioner should remove any tarter that is built up on one’s teeth. After that the dental practitioner should floss between your teeth to make sure everything is clean. A person should brush at least twice a day and floss at least once a day. However some people brush after every meal and that is perfectly fine.

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